“The Rematch”? Phil Mickelson Hints at Another Clash With Tiger Woods

Jordan Cohn
March 30, 2020 - 11:35 am

Golf fans, in search of a way to consume the sport during the stay-at-home coronavirus quarantine, have several tournaments to watch on YouTube and through other streaming services. It's likely that several of the contests they select include one or both of Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson due to their incredible talent. In fact, one of the most fun matches to watch was a face-off between these two stars in 2018, pegged as "The Match."

Instead of rewatching "The Match", however, golf lovers may be able to watch "The Rematch" -- an unofficial name that I came up with using a ton of creativity -- after Mickelson hinted at the idea over social media.

Chris Yurko, evidently a golf fan, was able to catch the interest of Mickelson on Twitter and start the entire conversation.

But "working on it" doesn't seem like an entirely convincing response, does it?

That's better.

The first time around, the match was held at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas with a prize fund of $9 million, which are two aspects of the event that will be very difficult to replicate given the circumstances. However, with the appropriate conditions including a very limited audience and proper social distancing tactics, such a match would do more than satisfy the desires of loyal golf viewers.

If the match were to occur, it would hopefully play out similarly to how the first go-around went. The two golfers were tied after 18 holes back in 2018, and it wasn't until four extra holes that Mickelson won by a stroke and surprised the golf world.

With all PGA events canceled until mid-May for now, such an exciting clash would be a pleasant surprise and a great distraction while the world continues to recover and attempt to flatten the curve of COVID-19.

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