The Knight Cap Season 1 Episode 21

The Knight Cap
Monday, March 16th
Lindsey and Paul lead things off in a hockey-less world, things can really change over the course of a week.


Topical Topics:
Your Golden Knights rolled through another victory over the Oilers and how things changed with COVID-19 
Ben Gotz joins to share his experience being in Minnesota to cover the VGK v. MIN game as everything 
A conversation with Lindsey's former coach, Kerstin Matthews, and how COVID-19 and its impact on collegiate athletics
Why haven't the Golden Knights stepped up to support part-time/event staff in the wake of the NHL "pausing" operations

This is our last LIVE show for a bit. If anything breaks, tune into 'The Playmakers' Monday through Friday 3p-5p and check back here for any Knight Cap EXTRAs that may pop up.